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Sahar Zadar | The Muse Co.

Sahar Zadar is the founder of The Muse Co. For more than a decade, she has worked as a facilitator of the healing process, supporting women who struggle with complex trauma, mental health issues or challenging life transitions. Passionate about helping women reconnect to their bodies and explore their inner wisdom, Sahar established The Muse to be a platform that can educate, inspire, empower and support women with the necessary information and guidance to develop a greater sense of self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Tell us a bit about your journey in the world thus far? Who are you, what drives you, what are you proud of having accomplished?

My name is Sahar Zadah, and I am the founder of The Muse Co. I have spent more than a decade supporting women as a therapist, counsellor and wellness educator. Throughout my life, I have overcome many challenges, including anxiety, panic, and a sense of unreality. Through these uncomfortable experiences, I began to understand the power of the mind and how our thoughts and beliefs shape our behaviour and how we see the world. After the birth of my two children, I pursued a career in the healing arts, including psychotherapy and counselling, integrative nutrition, yoga and meditation. My passion now is to support women who may struggle with trauma, stress, anxiety, self-esteem or challenging life transitions. It is my hope to educate, empower and support women with the necessary information and guidance to develop a greater sense of self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love.

How have you found incorporating our herbs into your daily ritual has altered your reality?

Rituals play an essential role in my daily life. By performing daily rituals, I'm guided into the present moment with an intention for healing. When using the SuperFeast herbs in daily rituals, I notice a deep feeling of nourishment and clarity from within. I believe high-quality herbs can support, nurture and heal not only our bodies but our minds. SuperFeast herbs have provided a profound sense of health and wellbeing in my life. Setting a daily intention with my ritual chai is a powerful way to gain a deeper connection to the healing power of the SuperFeast mushrooms and herbs.


What brings you back to yourself and reconnects you with nature?

Nature is my religion and a way to ground my experience and more profoundly reconnect to a spiritual self. In my life, nature guides, supports, nourishes and heals, myself and my family. The choices I make are influenced by the nature that surrounds me. I am grateful to live in a rainforest in the Byron hinterland. This land is where I grew up as a child, and now I can offer my children the same opportunity to live close to nature and the natural cycles of Mother Earth. Nature provides a place where I can sit, meditate, reconnect and be guided to receive more clarity and love in every aspect of my life. There is a profound union and respect I feel to nature and all her gifts. She is the greatest teacher and healer.

What are you excited about for the future? What inspires you?

So much in life inspires me, including my children, family, community, nature, movement, creativity, ritual, friendship, love, and vision. As we navigate the world's current situation, I believe vision can be a profoundly potent tool in imagining the lives we want to live and the world we wish to create. It can give clarity and direction to achieve our goals and align us with our purpose. I pray that we unite collectivity and start to make meaningful changes for the healing of our planet so that we can make a bright future for our children and the next generations.

What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community and/or the planet?

I practice love. Love exists as the foundation of who we are and can be a pillar of strength, courage and sovereignty. Love is unconditional, so from that deep place of love within, everything else emanates. I believe love is a gateway to help us and our planet to heal. Healing is a gift you give yourself, one that flows through you to those you love, the community you live in and the Earth we share. May we continue to open ourselves to love and share from this deep place that exists within us all.

With love,


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