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Instant JING Recipe

SuperFeasters, it's time to roll out of bed and put on the kettle! JING is calling out your name and yearning to regenerate your adrenals! 

⭐️ The JING Blend is by far our most tastiest combo yet, which is why we suggest you try out our 'Instant JING' recipe! 

It's super basic - just 3 (maybe 4) easy steps and you'll be on the J-train with us to adrenal heaven! 

  1. Scoop one tablespoon of JING into your favourite cup
  2. Add 1/4 cup simmering hot water. Stir the powder until there are no lumps left! 
  3. Fill the rest of your cup with hot water. Stir through sweetener of choice (we use 1/2 tsp local honey) .....annnnd voila! NB: alternatively, you can use your favourite milk instead of water for a creamier brew . 
  4. Sip slowly with love and let JING awaken your primordial energy from within - without any dehydrating stimulants needing to take part! 

We'd love to see your Instant Jing Tonic! So make sure you tag us in any photos and keep us posted on your 30 day experience !! Let us know the ups, the downs and the big old turn-arounds! Because we're in this no cacao, no coffee business together ! For the sake of our beloved kidneys and energy levels.


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