Miron Ultraviolet Glass: The Highest Quality Glass In The World

by Farley Douglas February 11, 2019 5 mins read


At SuperFeast, you know we have your best health intentions at heart. We only source the most potent, high quality herbs and so, it was a no brainer that we had to use the highest quality packaging too. Introducing you to Miron violet glass...


While we certainly have your highest health at the forefront, we also are committed to being Earth First, so using reusable jars or biodegradable packaging** is important to us.


At the end of the article, we have a wicked way to clean off your old labels so you can repurpose :)


We have long known that we need to use the best quality packaging to hold these potent herbs. We've been using Miron glass for years. We are super excited to see other brands jump onboard and move away from plastics. Read on to find out why we choose to use Miron glass jars in our 50g and 100g sizes. 


** For the last few of months, we have been exploring sustainable packaging options to replace our Kraft bags (for herbs of 250g, 500g and 1kg). While we love our resealable Kraft bags, they are unfortunately not recyclable and while you may be able to use them a couple more times, they simply don't quite have the longevity we have in mind. We are now onto our fourth trial and unfortunately these solutions have not been able to hold the integrity of the herbs well. So if you have any eco-packaging contacts, please email team@superfeast.com.au and we would love to arrange some samples to try.


Have a look at your Miron jar, it looks black, right? Hold it up to the sun, what do you see now? A lovely violet / purple colour. Miron glass is a violet glass, boasting significant preservation qualities. While the first industrially made Miron violet glass, was only made in 1995, history shows us that the ancient Egyptians kept precious natural treasures and essences inside violet glass vessels.



Why do we use Miron to store your mushies?

Miron violet glass is simply the best way to package the herbs. It's that's simple. We don't compromise here at SuperFeast. The unique structure of the glass means quality of product is maintained over a significant time period.



  • ensures the potency of the herbs 
  • ensures the taste is maintained
  • allows for the full storage life of your herbs
  • maintains the energetics of the herbs,
  • looks sexy as hell on your kitchen bench
  • has a huge range of other uses (see below; #mymiron)
  • laughs in the face of single use consumerism



But how does Miron actually work?

When it comes to SuperFeast tonic herbs there are two natural occurrences that can degrade their quality: light and air.


This is where the magic of Miron violet glass comes in.


Clear and brown glass lets in the entire light spectrum. But Miron protects your extracts from the complete spectrum of visible light (except violet light, thankfully). We know that sunlight enables all plants to grow (and it is sure helpful for us humans to be healthy and vibrant too!) But, if said plants are exposed to the sunlight after reaching maturity, the effect of the light changes from beneficial to actually accelerating the molecular decaying process.


Essentially Miron violet glass is a natural filter that only lets sunlight that protects and improves the quality of your tonic herbs through.


Here's the kicker though, ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR) and violet lights are able to pass through the Miron and so the Miron magic continues... these lights have healing properties on the human nervous system. In Taoist and Yogic traditions, violet light shows the highest vibration frequency (720 – 770 billion Hertz) of all colours, corresponding exactly to the vibration frequency of our central nervous system.


In his book “Heilkraft des Sonnenlichts” (“Healing Properties of Sunlight”), teacher, musician, and mystic Jakob Lorber (Graz, 1800 – 1864) specified why homeopathic remedies could only be preserved within the violet energy range. According to his research, remedies stored in these glasses will not only be preserved for decades but will also be enriched / activated. Tests done during the last decades confirm this thesis. 


Let's look at some actual examples of the magic of Miron.


1. Herbs and Spices Tests

An array of herbs and spices (like fresh green chives, as seen below), were stored for two months in different glass vessels and exposed to sunlight. The Miron glass is on the far left. The picture below tells a thousand words!


2. Tomato Tests

A microbiological experiment was carried out using this time, cherry tomatoes. Kept for seven months in storage, at room temperature, in sunlight and the microbiological changes of the tomato on the left, stored in white glass can be clearly seen. The tomato stored inMIRON violet glass however shows no loss of color and no signs of drying out.


3. Honey Tests

Research with German beekeepers found a definite conclusion that honey stored inMiron violet glass doesn’t break down its ingredients, but actually conserves all elements (taste, smell, colour, structure and enzymes) considerably better than in any other receptacles used. 


4. Spirulina Tests 

And finally, the Institute of Dr. D. Knapp tested different spirulina samples. Fresh tablets were packaged in amber, plastic and MIiron glass jars, Four weeks later the results were energetically measured. See the images below…look at that sexy Miron spirulina!




My Miron inspo (#mironmagic)

We highly highly encourage you to NOT recycle your Miron glasses. You read that right. We want you to REPURPOSE them. These precious jars have several other uses, and we would love to see how YOU are reusing them! Tag on socials #mironmagic.


At SuperFeast we've recently just started supporting the Herbalists Without Borders in Australia. We are thrilled to be able to send to our community herbalists SuperFeast tonic herbs in repurposed Miron jars. These guys are great, they provide herbal first aid and free herbs to those in need :)


Other epic uses of Miron jars below:


De-label your jar and use as spice jars (we love this labeller)



Great for practitioners, herbalists and herbal hobbyists for tinctures 



Sweet ambient candle holders



Epic spice rack



Vase :)!


miron-glass-ideaMore sexy spice jars



Adaptogenic jelly? YES PLEASE!



Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen??

We've got a rad recipe for you so you can clean off the labels. Check it out here. Now, onto #mironmagic creations you go!

Ok let's get some other ideas pumping online guys, tag #mironmagic and we will feature your ideas in this post! We can't wait to see what other epic repurposes you come up with :) Want to see what other causes we are getting involved with, head over to our contribution page to see more

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