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by Farley D April 06, 2021 5 mins read

So you're new to SuperFeast? Welcome!

Hear from Mason (founder of SuperFeast) in the below video talking about:

  • The magic of tonic herbs
  • Which herbs you might like to try
  • How to take the herbs



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Hey everybody, so I know when you're starting out at SuperFeast, there's a lot of different blends and a lot of different herbs, and sometimes there's some questions or maybe a couple of just unknowns that can be blocks to you getting involved in your long term herbal practice. So here at SuperFeast, we are all about Taoist tonic herbs coming from that ancient Chinese system focused on longevity and exuberance, and getting our energy consistently moving so we can have a skip in our step, all right? And a twinkle in our eye.

Now, what we need for that to happen is consistent usage of the herbs over years, and ideally, over decades. If you're starting out, welcome, my gosh, you've got a long, beautiful journey ahead of you. And we want it to be long. Now, tonic herbs, where do you start? Now it's more of a slipstream, if you begin with the blends, right? Rather than individual herbs.

When we are starting out and building back the foundations of our body, because these tonic herbs, which include adaptogenic herbs, you might have heard about it. Which include medicinal mushrooms, right? But they're all under this banner of tonic herbs. Herbs that we include long term in our diet to build and cultivate life within our body.

Now, we always start at the foundations, which is our kidney essence, our Jing essence, J-I-N-G. Now these are the herbs that are highly correlated with our foundational capacity to adapt to stress and to have a nice strong sex hormone fluctuation through our body. Most of the time, people are going to be starting out with JING formula. So that's going to be one place to start with.

Then most of the time, the most common pairing when you're starting out is going to be the medicinal mushrooms. That's because they're so unifying of the body. In such a uniform, universal way in the body, they get the Qi and energy moving, they help us build strong Qi, both in the deep, internal organs and out on the surface, which correlates to our immunological momentum, and our immunological health.

It's normally our baseline ability to handle stress with the JING, and then maintaining strong Qi and immunological capacity. Because so many of us in the west are stressed out and immunologically deficient. The Mason's Mushrooms is the best place to go there. That JING and Mason's, they team up beautifully when you are getting going. This isn't the rule of where you start, this is just most likely with where it's going to be easiest for you to start.

Can you mix these blends together? Yes you can. Now, the easiest way to begin is to say, get a quarter teaspoon, that's a nice place to start. If you're very sensitive, maybe an eighth of a teaspoon. A quarter teaspoon's a good place. You start first thing in the morning, you've had your water, maybe a little bit of brekkie, and you're ready to have your first tonic elixir. You can get a quarter teaspoon of Mason's Mushrooms and a quarter teaspoon of JING and pop them in a jar. We'll do a little bit of mime.

Pop them in your jar, add your hot water, your bit of honey, stir them up in together, add a touch of your nut milk or whatever. There you go, you have your tonic elixir. It is delicious, they taste pretty good, if we don't mind me saying. But you can also add those herbs into a smoothie, into your porridge. They're not heat sensitive, and they do mix well together.

Now, you can have that in the morning, but maybe it doesn't work in the morning. So you can do it in the afternoon. Night, maybe, works with some people. Sometimes, they're moving a lot of Qi and energy in the body in those early days. So it might be better to leave it in the morning, or just maybe the afternoon, so that it has lots of time to get those things moving, build back those foundational essences in your body.

Now, the most important thing is to find a practice that works for you so that it fits into your lifestyle nice and easy so that you do have consistent usage of the herbs. When you're starting out, remember, you probably and may feel things straightaway, and that's wonderful. But you want to be taking the herbs over a couple of months and really start feeling them get to work, really start feeling their magic.

You can increase the dose from that quarter teaspoon up to maybe half a teaspoon, maybe a whole teaspoon. If you're craving it, and you're feeling more, go for it. Try and add a little bit more, especially those first couple of months. Normally, it is just about two that we say to go for, in the beginning. Three's probably the max where you'd want to go. Because you want to be able to stay close to your intention, you want to know what herbs and which blend is actually doing what in your body. Two or three, that's probably the place where you're going to be able to feel that.

If you're additionally like, yeah, and I also really just wanted to work on my ... I want my brain to be firing on all cylinders, then maybe it's the Neural Nectar, is that third blend. Or maybe it's your skin you're really wanting, maybe it's the Tremella mushroom to bring that moisture to your skin. Or maybe you're wanting to deal with a little bit of a liver stagnation, you're feeling frustration and anger, and you feel there's a lack of ability to move toxicity through the body. Okay, then maybe the Beauty Blend can be that third blend in there.

But I hope this makes things clear. Start off with the Mason's and JING, go slow, build up. And remember, we're here to support you.

Farley D
Farley D

Farley is the SuperFeast marketing magician and eco queen. Farley has a deep love and respect for this planet we call home and is always exploring innovative ways to reduce waste and support the sustainability of her personal and professional practices. Farley is happiest when listening to Simply Red and sipping on a hot cacao tonic drink. He shou wu, tremella, astragalus and ashwagandha are among Farley’s favourite herbs, of which she has on high rotation throughout the day. A grounded taurean, Farley appreciates beauty and design and loves the sun and oceanic air. You can find Farley rocking loud patterns and sporting quirky socks on any given day. A true angel and beloved part of our SuperFeast team.

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