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The MUST DOs at the change of Season

posted 2020 Sep by

Today Mason dives deep into what you can do when the Season is changing...

Tune in below to hear from Mason (owner of SuperFeast) as he discusses what can come up when the change in season is occurring. At the moment, we are transitioning from Winter into Spring, but the ideas presented in this video are still relevant for all seasonal transitions. You'll hear:


- how can we better stay in flow with nature and her rhythms?

- just how important it is to be observant of your current environment

- how the elements are at play during this transitional time

- grounding  yourself really is paramount during this time




So we're going to talk a little bit about what to do at these change of seasons. Now, the first thing is when we're coming from an earth based medicine, when we're coming from a Daoist theory, we're trying to keep ourselves out of the practitioners clinic as much as possible, making sure that we're staying in a flow with nature and in a flow within ourselves and our organs, so that we stay healthy for a real long time.


But what you need to be doing for that to be the case is, you need to be noticing the world around you as I'm noticing the fruit bats up above us. I've got my hat on just in case they drop some guano on my head. But you need to be watching the earth. You need to be watching where the sun is going up and going down in your environment. You need to be watching what blossoms there are in your environment. So right now, we might not quite be at that like, official Spring time, yet the wattle's went off, the echidnas are starting to be on the move. You look up, the Milky Way has pivoted at the Southern Cross. The sun is starting to really move in where it's coming up and going down. And so when you start to notice changes, and the easiest one is the temperature, when you notice a temperature change coming from Winter towards Spring, what that tells you is, it's time to pivot.


Now when a season pivots, if you aren't aware of it, and you just keep on trying to flog yourself and, even just, if you try and stay in that Winter Water Yin still energy and you don't allow yourself to move over into that more erratic, rising Yang energy. This is when people become susceptible. They're not matching their environment with their qualities and characteristics and therefore you're out of sync and therefore you're susceptible to sickness and so what we need to do, when you start noticing those changes around you, that's why on the season wheel, the Daoist Seasonal Elemental Wheel, between each season is Earth.


It could be just a little bit, that Earth Spleen energy, so when you notice all those changes, it's just a little signal for you. All right, I've been in the stillness in this instance and us in the Southern hemisphere, we've been in the stillness of Yin. Right now, I need to go out of the Water and I just need to ground. So because there's such erratic energetic change and seasonal change going on around you, and one when you're going into Spring is all this wind, and that's what starts coming up in this very unique season, you need to go and stay on the Earth and ground yourself, grounded meditation, grounded diet, just be nice and humble. Come out of your Winter Yin practices and just stand on the Earth and sit in the Earth, whether it's for a day or a week, nice nourishing soups and stews still. It's very handy that we're coming out of Winter.


Nothing has to change in terms of grounding, earthy food, you know, medicinal mushrooms work on the Spleen, Qi tonics, you know, astragalus, these herbs that are working on the Spleen, very nourishing, very earth grounding. Come from the grounding of Winter and Water to the grounding of Earth and that quality into your meditation so that you can adjust and make that shift energetically over into the new season. When you feel like you are successfully getting into that flow of that rising Yang, that Wood kind of like early Spring time energy, then you can start moving in to those practices that match that season. But that grounding in between is absolutely 100% necessary.


Let me know down in the comments, if you want me to go into some of those practices and those specific things that you can do to ensure that you are grounding between those seasons. It's absolute key. Tonic herbalism goes hand in hand with walking with the seasons and matching your energy with the universe energy and the Earth energy and what's going on around you in nature, 'cause you are a part of nature. Enjoy, happy grounding.