Spring, The Forgotten Season?!

October 09, 2020 5 mins read


You guys have been loving our Spring series. Tune in to today's episode for a very sage reminder!


Today, Mase talks about how Spring can be... well, forgotten! Have you noticed that as we move out of Winter, the marketers tell us "Time to get your Summer body ready!" This messaging supports the idea that Summer matters, we must get prepared for Summer. It's as if Spring is this sort of, transitional period. "But it is not a transitional period... it is a period!" says Mason.

You're going to enjoy today, Mason covers some ideas like:

>> A great question to ask oneself (in a bid to feel more aligned and connected with nature and her rhythms) is simply ask, what can I notice in my environment that shows there is a change in season happening? This is a very powerful practice to have
>> Moving into Spring can signal a very creative time. Do you feel that?
>> Why remaining balanced is so key at this time
>> A handy and practical movement practice you can incorporate

The follow on video Mason mentions is found here: Is your Liver angry?


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And why is all this so important? I mean, we're a tonic herb business, we like medicinal mushrooms. Yes, but these potent herbs are just **one** piece of the puzzle to health and vibrancy. It takes a lifestyle and being aligned and tuned in to nature is key to becoming health sovereign. We'll be educating more on seasons and lifestyle practices, make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get all the latest.




Okay, a bit of a public service announcement and for here right now in the Southern Hemisphere, a bit of a waving of the flag, the green flag of Spring. Now what happens at this time of year, we start to crack the ice in the cold of Winter and everyone, all the marketers get up and we start to try and start getting Summer body ready. And we just see there's this ambiguity of how we approach Spring time. It just represents, ah, being a new birth and blah, blah, blah. And it's really just a transitional period between Winter and Summer. But it is not a transitional period. It is a period.


This season is just as important as Winter and Summer. And it's just as unique in its qualities and its personality. And then the qualities in personality that comes through from your body and your organs and your Qi when you enter the Spring system. So if you remember taking these beautiful Daoist ancient herbs, I mean, we love them. But if you really, you're stepping onto that path more and more then you're taking a very practical step and what has always occurred with our ancestors and those longevity seekers is you're stepping in tune with nature and the seasons and the elements and what's going on around you. And all you need to do to do that is just notice what happens.


So just before now wind was kicking up and coming from one direction and then it kicked up again from another direction. There was a dust storm coming in from the West this morning. And now we're quite still. So it's an erratic time of the year and there's new. There's the plovers, the birds were hatching near my place the other day. The echidnas are on the move. The winds are kicking up from different directions and pollens moving all over the place. There's new energy and there's new life, and that's the same within us during this time of year. There's seeds of intention and goals kicking up and ideas kicking up and hormones activating. And there's all this potential for blood to stop moving real quick as we start moving our body and getting outside more, the blood's moving. We wanna make sure it's moving nice and strong and fast, but make sure we're staying soft and supple at the same time so that the blood is moving smooth and we don't create too much heat. It's why a lot of people get these skin eruptions during this time of year, 'cause they're not remaining supple.


But how do we remain balanced during this time of year? It's a real beautiful time to be really be active in our Yin and our Yang. In this instance, the Yang is really keeping strong blood vessels and strength, that bamboo strength in the body and then also that suppleness and that pliability and that flexibility in the bamboo internally. And we realise that strength and flexibility are really the same thing, just different sides of like Yin Yang, just the different sides of the same coin. So it's a time for you to really stay harmonious and balanced in terms of staying really supple, right. But then also staying upright and firm. And so that's what's going on at this time of year.


With your practise, make sure you're really, you're exploring that soft and that suppleness and that flexibility at the same time strength is always present at the same time. And we realise that they're the same thing. And just start to flow and be like that bamboo. It's a really beautiful time to do that at this time of year, but respect the fact that you are in Spring time energy right now. You're in that Liver wood energy right now. It's the time of bringing out organisation, sparks of creativity. Join me in the next video 'cause this one's gonna go on a little bit. Join me in the next video. I'm gonna start talking about what this archetype is of the liver, the multifaceted archetype and the qualities and personalities of this season and how you can make sure that it's a really transformational one. And you can use this season as a stage for your own transformation and growth each and every year, not just a bridge so that you can get to the happiness of summer once again.

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