Transformation with Tonic Herbalism with Mason (PODCAST)

October 02, 2018 0 Comments 1 min read

Transformation with Tonic Herbalism with Mason (PODCAST)

Today on the episode we’ve got a bit of a twist. In this ep Mason is the one being interviewed. After sitting down with Estée Manning from The Hotel Guest Wellbeing Show we felt it was too good not share with you guys. These two cover all bases - everything that you’d want to know about the SuperFeast herbs, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned herb nerd. They jam out why we source the way we do, which herbs to choose during different times of your journey, WHEN to take the herbs, how much to take and the general philosophy that you want to be adopting.
If you want to know everything about SuperFeast, why we do things the way we do ‘em and how to navigate our world of tonic herbs then this episode is for you. Plus, Estée asks Mason some epic questions about what purpose is to him, what is exciting him right now and others that will give you a further insight into the energy that is behind SuperFeast. 
We talk about:
  • The science behind medicinal mushrooms 
  • How mushrooms are an ancient herbal food for humans
  • Using herbs to tone and increase your flow of Qi
  • How herbs affect your spirit and why reishi is amazing for this
  • The art of adding these herbs to coffee
  • Ways to incorporate these herbs into your life
  • How to have happy hormones through tonic herbs
  • How we extract the herbs and why it’s effective for our culture
  • The three classifications of herbs as told by Shen Nong
  • Keys to longevity
  • The difference between Qi and Jing
  • The three treasures of Taoist philosophy
  • Redefining beauty and how real beauty lies in the organs
  • The connection between herbalism, mindset and emotions
  • The importance of purpose for a long and happy life
  • And HEAPS more

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