3 Ingredients Only! Delicious Tremella Recipe

by Farley D May 20, 2020 1 min read

We have got a wonderfully easy recipe for you today and it's a nostalgic one...

**explicit warning in video below.

What a quick, simple and utterly delicious recipe we have for you today.


Join Mason as he delights his own senses, making this super simple, yet very epic, Tremella mushroom drink recipe.


We adore Tremella mushroom. Have you tasted it? If you have even the slightest uncertainty around trying medicinal mushrooms, then Tremella is for you! It tastes like vanilla malt. You can literally spoon it straight in your mouth. 


Tremella is a wonderful companion for hydrating your skin, while supporting your skin's elasticity. It's a true beauty herb. Added to that, it boasts neuroprotective properties and, like all medicinal mushrooms, provides your gut with great nourishment.


This recipe also features Crum, a mind-blowingly, **healthy** take on our old favourite, Milo. This recipe is for kids and for those with their inner child! Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and really, really delicious. Plus, this recipe delivers a wonderful **crunch**.


THREE ingredients only. Get ready for some nostalgia. Let's go:



1. Milk of choice, Tremella mushroom, Crum.

2. Add all together. Shake it? Stir it? Don't mix it at all? The choice is yours!

3. Drink.

To get your hands on Crum, check it out HERE!

Farley D
Farley D

Farley is the SuperFeast marketing magician and eco queen. Farley has a deep love and respect for this planet we call home and is always exploring innovative ways to reduce waste and support the sustainability of her personal and professional practices. Farley is happiest when listening to Simply Red and sipping on a hot cacao tonic drink. He shou wu, tremella, astragalus and ashwagandha are among Farley’s favourite herbs, of which she has on high rotation throughout the day. A grounded taurean, Farley appreciates beauty and design and loves the sun and oceanic air. You can find Farley rocking loud patterns and sporting quirky socks on any given day. A true angel and beloved part of our SuperFeast team.

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