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You've taken the first step towards filling your cup. We applaud you !

The 30 Days of JING Challenge is an opportunity to reclaim your foundational energy (the stuff you had heaps of as a kid). 

What’s in it for me?

JING’s six elite ingredients are ‘adaptogenic’, which is a fancy way of saying that they adapt to individuals in different ways and to different extents. But generally, here’s what you can expect from 30 days of JING:

● Sustained, all-day energy, free from jitters or crashes.
● Sharper mind & increased focus.
● Emotional equilibrium & better stress response

Honestly, we just can’t wait for you to feel the uplift for yourself!

You might even kick the coffee

No more coffee?! Don’t worry, we’re not evangelists. You are the hero of your journey…

…but if you’re looking to conquer (or curb) your reliance on caffeine or other stimulants, JING is the way to go.

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How do I JING it, not wing it?

All you need is a jar or bag of JING and take it daily for 30 days.

When you sign up, we’ll guide you on the dosage. You’ll also get:

• Step-by-step guidance…so you build the habit.
• Regular e-mail check-ins… so you’re supported
• Free educational material… so you’re informed
• Extra daily cheerleading via our scroll hole

So join us and a community of fellow JINGERS today, We make it easy and fun, every step of the way.

Hand on heart, we are so chuffed by what our customers have experienced on JING:

Can't live without

We love Jing, everything about it. The nice little clarity boost it brings. We did the 30 days of Jing and have both caps and powder and love joining forces with such empowering herbs.

- Emma P.

Cures tiredness!

JING completely fixed my fatigue! I have it 2-3 times a day. I love incorporating it into my routine and feeling energised for the whole day.

- Emily H.


Incredible difference, about two weeks to really see. Went from at least 6 to upwards of 10 coffees a day, plus frequent energy drinks. Now I may treat myself to a coffee while out once or twice a week with no desire for more caffeine whatsoever. It's so good to just enjoy a good coffee occasionally rather than downing instant constantly. JING has me aware awake and vibrant like never before.

- Ryan