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Adaptogens and Coffee; A Match Made In Heaven

Adaptogens, tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms all work their magic when taken consistently. One way to ensure you're taking your herbs daily is to combine them with another herb many of us cannot go a day without, our coffee! 

So you've started using tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, you're finding your groove with them and how you can best incorporate them into your daily routine. 
Whilst some of us delight in a daily hot chocolate or cup of tea, many cannot deny the love affair with their daily coffee. So that leads us to a commonly asked question, can you combine your herbs with your coffee? 


Tonic herbs and adaptogens work their magic when taken consistently, building and cultivating over time. If we lean into the concept of habit stacking, then this is essentially the perfect pairing to ensure you are taking your herbs every day. 
We also have an in-depth article 'Cacao and Mushrooms; A Love Story' if cacao is your thing and you want to learn more. 

Another upside to sneaking your herbs into your daily brew is their ability to harmonise and balance the not so fun side effects of caffeine. You essentially get to enjoy all the uplifting and energising benefits of caffeine whilst protecting your delicate adrenals and Kidneys. We love sneaking some JING Blend into our morning coffee, but any of your favourite tonic herbs or medicinal mushrooms will do the trick! 

If you are new to the world of adaptogens and tonic herbs, then check out our blog 'How To Start Working With Adaptogens & Tonic Herbs' to get a deeper understanding of how these herbs work and how to find the herb for you. 

Tune in below as SuperFeast Founder, Mason Taylor explains why tonic herbs and coffee are a match made in heaven! 

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