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The Tonic Herbs To Nourish You During Winter

The colder, darker months of Winter invite us to seek inner warmth, to rest and refine our spiritual essence and embrace the ritual of gentle, self nurturing practices. Integrating tonic herbs to nourish you through this season can bring physical, emotional and spiritual harmony. Read on to learn more. 

In this article we will be diving into

  • Winter through the Taoist lens
  • Nourishing the Kidney Water element within the body
  • Yin Jing & Yang Jing Herbs 


Winter marks the end of all the seasons. Embodied in nature as a time of closing and storing, we begin to integrate the wisdom we have been slowly gathering over the last few months. We bring our focus inward, becoming more receptive and introspective, preserving our energy as we begin the process of replenishment and rest.

The colder, darker months invite us to seek inner warmth, to rest and refine our spiritual essence and embrace the ritual of gentle, self nurturing practices. This time of restoration and replenishment precedes the graceful unfolding of self, when we welcome in the new cycle and season of Spring. 

The Winter season is aligned with the Kidney/Bladder system, governed by the Water element. Cold in nature and downward moving, the Kidney Water system embodies Yin, storing the body’s fluids. As it regulates and stores the Water, the Kidneys moisten the body. As a Yin element, the movement of Water is inward, it will always find the lowest point and come to rest.

If you want to learn more about Winter and the Kidney Water Element through the Taoist lens, download our free PDF here


SuperFeast Winter Herbs


Tonic Herbs 

We love to work with many of the herbs from our range during seasonal shifts and especially to create strong foundations as we venture into the Water element. During Winter, our focus remains on the replenishment and nurturing of our Kidney Water, our Jing Essence. While the other organs have their own Yin and Yang, the Kidneys form the centre of the body’s YinYang. Kidney Essence generates Kidney Qi, which in turn transforms into both Kidney Yin and Yang to serve different functions within the body. It is the harmony of these two forces that facilitate the strengthening of our Jing Essence. To learn more about Jing Essence, read our article 'Jing: What Is It? How To Cultivate It'

Corresponding to these forces of Yin and Yang, Jing herbs can be separated into two seperate areas - Yin Jing and Yang Jing herbs. The harmony of these two energies bring fortification to our life force, our vitality, expression and longevity. 

Yin Jing Herbs

According to Master Ron Teeguarden, ‘Yin is defined as the cyclic rhythm of nature in which energy is being accumulated, assimilated and stored for later use’.

The Yin Jing herbs are cooling, moistening and nourishing in nature, they replenish the fundamental reserves of the body, mind and Spirit. 

Our favourite Yin Jing herbs/blends and their other health benefits are: 

Beauty Blend 

  • Nourish the hair, skin and nails
  • Nourish the Blood
  • Support detoxification 
  • Support hormonal regulation
  • Support Liver health 
  • Support longevity 

    I Am Gaia 

    • Nourish the Blood
    • Support hormonal health
    • Tonify the Liver and Spleen 
    • Support digestive health 


      • Support a healthy stress response
      • Support hair, skin and nail health
      • Support detoxification 
      • Support energy and vitality
      • Support hormonal health 
      • Tonify the Liver and Lungs
      • Nourish brain health 

        Yang Jing Herbs 

        Yang is defined as the ‘cyclic rhythm of nature in which energy is being expended in order to create a manifest action’. Yang Jing herbs are activating, drying and warm/hot in nature as they can have a profound effect in building up the Yang within the body, mind and Spirit. Known for their invigorating qualities, Yang Jing herbs are often used to support creative energy, athletic power and to build sexual capacity. 

        Our favourite Yang Jing herbs are: 

        Eucommia Bark

        • Support a healthy stress response
        • Support energy and vitality 
        • Support immunity 
        • Tonify the Liver
        • Support the bones, ligaments and joints of the body
        • Support the lower back and knees

          Deer Antler

          • Also a Kidney Yin herb 
          • Support a healthy stress response
          • Support energy and vitality 
          • Support hormonal health 
          • Support libido and sexual function
          • Nourish the Blood
          • Tonify the Heart and Liver
          • Support bone health 


            • Strengthen and nourish the Lungs
            • Support physical performance and endurance
            • Support hormonal health
            • Support energy and vitality
            • Support a healthy stress response
            • Qi tonic

              SuperFeast JING Blend


              JING Blend

              The JING blend remains our primary formula of Taoist herbs for our community seeking to replenish the Essence of their body and organs, that has been lost from living with stress over a long period, indulging in excess, and generally leaking core essence through staying too long in the sympathetic nervous system state and living a general Western lifestyle.

              Incorporating herbs that nourish both Yin Jing and Yang Jing, this blend is the entry point to begin with that can be used to rebuild your core energy, and once restored can remain in your lifestyle to help you to continue to cultivate this essence within the Kidneys.

              Learn More 

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