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Course | Embodied Health

An online course exploring 14 foundations of health, hosted by Mason Taylor. Develop a beautiful and very intimate relationship with these pillars of health, providing you the tools to create your own personal culture for decades to come.

Embodied Health is designed to inspire and give you the skills to cultivate your very own infinite fountain of health, minus the dogma, rules and rigidity.

If you are ready to break free and do it your own way, then you are going to love this course.

Embodied Health is for you if

  • You’re searching for guidance to structure your health foundations
  • You want to create your own personal and tailored health culture
  • You’re feeling more tired than you want to be
  • You want to cut through the BS and ground into the true foundations of health
  • You enjoy conceptual, philosophical life discussions
  • You are feeling overwhelmed or lost with the abundance of health misinformation out there
  • Need inspiration

In this course you'll receive

  • 3+ hours of vision to use at your own pace
  • Core, foundational health principles
  • Lifelong access to a range of multimedia resources 
  • Downloadable, guided worksheets
  • Full PDF transcripts for each lesson
  • Watch on any internet-connected device
  • Download videos to watch offline 

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Reviews for Embodied Health

"There is a beautiful permission and freedom given to explore and also trusting in our own natural wisdom which is incredible. The practicality of the knowledge offered and emphasis on making it real and adventurous is so appreciated."
Sam B.

"Episode one and I’m already loving this course. I will definitely be taking my time and doing the work. I have struggled my whole life with maintaining being healthy. I’ve wasted so much money worrying about what my health looked like on the outside, not realizing I should’ve been working on being healthy from the inside first. I should’ve been building a relationship with my body before anything else. I am so happy to have joined in on this course. Thank you so much for providing this amazing education!"

"From someone who was deeply dependent on coffee, tea and sugary treats to keep my energy levels up, I am in awe of the transformation my body, mind and spirit is going through. My heart is singing, my brain is singing (absorbing all the information from Mason’s podcast, Instagram post, Embodied Health and more); and so are my cells!"

“See how good it gets!”—WORD. What a beautiful, humble and inspiring person you are Mason. Thank you for this course."

"Mason, you just exude the ease of learning. Everything is just put so beautifully. Thankyou."


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