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Tonic Herbalism 101 (Free Course)

This course will begin to bring you into this wonderful world of tonic herbs and teach you how the herbs are able to cultivate vitality in our bodies and organs.

We love endlessly educating for free. We want to share this ancient herbal knowledge with you, get this information into your hands so you can bring sovereignty to the health of yourself and your family.

This Tonic Herbalism 101 course is designed to do just that.

This course is perfect for:

  • Individuals interested in health and wellbeing
  • Students of life
  • Those new to the world of medicinal mushrooms
  • Those wanting to dive a little deeper into their tonic herb journey
  • Mums and dads juggling life
  • Any budding herbalists

This mini series will give you a beautiful overview of the wonderful world of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, and how we can work with them in modern times to generate life in our bodies. At SuperFeast, we work with those herbs that were seen to be 'superior' by the ancient Taoists, herbs that tone the core energies of the body, ensure the elements and organs stay in harmony, and keep our immune system potentiated throughout our lives.

Dive deep in to the world of tonic herbalism with Tonic Herbalism 101 - a free course from SuperFeast.

Tonic Herbalism 101 Reviews:

"Thank you so much for offering this free course. I’ve listened to a number of your podcasts already and always finish leaving really inspired."

"Just wanted to send a quick note to express how much I loved Tonic Herbalism 101! So informative and easy to understand. Thank you for making this information free & accessible. That is more than generous."

"Great little mini course! thanks Mason. Appreciate the effort you took to do this."

"Thank you. The Insight, encouragement and excitement based in solid truth is engaging and inspiring. Looking forward to Embodied Health Course."

"I’m simply amazed! This was amazing, so informative! I just want to try everything now and discover what works best for me. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us."

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