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Iris Suurland

Iris, an introvert woman with an mysterious old soul. Her mission is to inspire others to manifest the lifestyle of their deepest desires. She is the founder of the Nabalo community and empowers people to find alignment between their soul and their entrepreneurial pursuits. Sharing the beauty that she sees in nature and honoring that in her photography and her writing is what brings her joy.

Tell us a bit about your journey in the world thus far. Who are you, what drives you, and what are you proud of having accomplished?
My name is Iris and I'm originally from a tiny European country, the Netherlands. My journey thus far has been one filled with travel, nature, and walking the unconventional path of life. I've always felt like I was a little different, I’m an introverted soul and feel very connected to mother nature. School couldn’t really hold my attention so I started working from a very young age. I also always knew that the country I was born in was not going to be my home, so I travelled a lot during my twenties to finally find home in the wild nature of the United States. I’m very passionate about empowering the quiet and sensitive people amongst us and to create a pathway that helps me and others to live and thrive in the lifestyle of their deepest desires.


Walk us through your journey with the SuperFeast tonic herbs and how you have incorporated them into your daily life.
SuperFeast and I go way back, I discovered the herbs back in 2015 when we were living in the Swedish forest. The Mason’s Mushrooms was the first blend I tried and it opened up a whole new world for me. Apart from the health benefits I was noticing, I experienced such a boost in creativity and I used that to build my very first online business. I still get a rush of creativity from that blend and it will always have a special place in my heart. There is something about all the SuperFeast mushrooms and herbs that is so high frequency; I just can’t start my day without it anymore.

What is the most potent intention for your health/life in general, that you feel the herbs are supporting you in at the moment?
This changes from time to time, but currently I am really intentional with calming down the nervous system and breaking up the neural pathways that have been created during twenty-twenty. Reishi and Shen are amazing for calming my spirit and Lion's Mane and neural nectar are helping me with neurogenesis. JING and Deer Antler are supporting me in rebuilding life force and energy.


What does it mean to be Superhuman to you? (To us at SuperFeast it represents a state of activation, having a clear vision and the strength to execute it)
To me it means that you can truly be your own authentic, happy, honest self. And I believe that in order to feel that way you need to do the inner work, shine light in the shadows of your soul, chase your dreams even if they scare you and keep your body strong and healthy. Everything is connected, our health influences our happiness and if we don’t give the soul free reign to run wild it will catch up with our health in time.

What kind of human would you like to be when you enter your older years?
I really think that the world could use more wise elders. People who have gained the knowledge, worked through their life lessons, came out stronger and can share their wisdom with younger generations. Compassion, love, wisdom, support, ritual, understanding, learning, teaching and initiation, I hope that my older days will be infused with all of it.

What are the habits/practices/rituals that bring you back to yourself?
Travel is a big one for me. I feel most like myself when all my belongings fit in the back of my car and I can just go where the wind takes me. But over the years I have also learned that living like that can be very intense and depleting for the Jing. So the past two years I have been cultivating more slow into my life. Ritual is very important to me, my morning routine truly brings me soul alignment. My tonic herb coffee, the sun on my face, journaling, pulling some cards, meditating and listening to the birds, that truly brings me back to myself.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone who is wanting to cultivate health and vitality?
Don’t focus on short term solutions, go for long term health. Don’t wait till there is a problem for you to fix, be proactive. That’s why I love tonic herbs and mushrooms so much, it’s all about keeping the body strong and building vitality and longevity. Also, follow your own intuition, it will give you intuitive nudges of where to focus your energy and what to work on.

What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community or the planet?
I’m very passionate about helping people reconnect to nature again. The trees, the plants, the water, the sun, there is so much wisdom in each of them. So much beauty and joy can be gained when we truly emerge ourselves in the arms of Mother Nature. I want to help people see that they are part of it all and that if we flow with the internal and external seasons, life can be pretty spectacular.


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