Ancient Secrets of Tonic Herbalism (PODCAST)

October 09, 2018 0 Comments 1 min read

Ancient Secrets of Tonic Herbalism (PODCAST)

Mason (SuperFeast founder) is travelling through China, visiting the pristine mountains and valleys where we grow and forage our SuperFeast tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Right in the middle of these experiences, he is dripping with the awareness and perception of the Taoist tonic herb tradition. This tradition has emerged on our ancient land, as well as the beautiful majesty of the herbs and Mason shares these experiences in today's podcast. 
You are going to learn all the ins and outs of wild foraging. Plus hear about the conscious farming operations of SuperFeast medicinal mushrooms and tonics and how to ensure you’re sourcing the absolute greatest possible tonic herbs for you and your family. If you are buying your herbs from SuperFeast, you will learn why our products work so well and are superior in quality. If you’re not using our herbs you will learn all the relevant questions to ask when purchasing tonic herbs, to ensure you are not being swindled into buying an inferior product.
We will take a journey into the roots of this herbal philosophy and learn when the split occurred, away from traditional healing towards a reductionist approach to healing and herbalism (aka towards modern medicine), and the dire consequences.
Mason covers what is needed to become an integrated practitioner that develops expertise in the prevention and optimisation approach to health; the philosophies which tonic herbalism and shamanic Taoism is rooted within. 
In this episode we will cover:
  • Why prevention beats treatment every time
  • The origins of Taoist tonic herbalism
  • What Shen Nong had to say about where to source herbs
  • Di Tao as the ultimate way to source herbs
  • How to ensure your herbs stay heavy metal and radiation free
  • Why wild chaga is superior
  • How to grow the best schizandra ever
  • Why modern doctors have got it wrong
  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine lost its way 
  • Why mushrooms grown on grain are the worst ever
  • The two types of people that grow mushrooms on grain
  • How to make a herb more adaptogenic through conscious farming 
  • And heaps more! 



Shen Nong The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica


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