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Potent Hydrating Mushroom Face Cream

Level:EasyTime:30 mins

This nourishing medicinal mushroom-infused face cream Is a must to soothe and hydrate your skin.


Including both tremella and reishi, what a perfect way to infuse some tonic herb magic into your skin care routine. This recipe is all natural and we strongly suggest you use 100% organic materials to make this beautiful face cream. Check out our Save Your Skin article for heaps more tips to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing! 

Makes roughly 1 cup

Recipe by: Penny Benjamin  - @pennybenjamin.nutritionist


Core Ingredients

Other Ingredients

  • 1 tsp SuperFeast Tremella (aids the skin to hold moisture)
  • 1 tsp SuperFeast Reishi (powerful anti-ageing compounds)
  • 30g shea butter
  • 24g jojoba oil (you can also use macadamia oil, liquid coconut oil or sweet almond oil)
  • 14g vegetable-derived emulsifying wax
  • 120g filtered water
  • 6g potato starch or arrowroot or tapioca
  • Optional: essential oils can also have an anti-aging effect, and provide a nice scent! Lavender, frankincense, tea tree and peppermint are some other beautiful options)


Step 1

Melt the shea butter, jojoba oil and emulsifying wax together in a double boiler.

Step 2

Allow to cool to about 40-45 degrees celsius.

Step 3

Heat the water to about 40-45 degrees celsius (either on the stove, kettle or microwave). Basically, the oil mixture and water need to be the similar temperatures.

Step 4

Transfer the water to a measuring jug or something that will be easy to use an immersion blender in. Add the potato starch and mushrooms to the water.

Step 5

Add the oil mixture.

Step 6

Use an immersion blender to combine the oil and water mixture, it should emulsify into a beautiful face cream.

Step 7

Transfer the face cream to a jar and place in the fridge for a day. After 24 hours, stir through any essential oils you wish to use.

Step 8

You need to store the face cream in the fridge as there is no preservative or anti-bacterial agent in there (bacteria will grow as the cream is based in water). If you wish, you can use a natural preservative and then not store in the fridge.

Step 9

Use daily as a beautiful face cream!
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