Jing Energy with Mason (PODCAST)

September 25, 2018 0 Comments 1 min read

Jing Energy with Mason (PODCAST)

Join Mason as we take a deep dive into the mysterious and vitally important energy that lives in our kidneys; Jing.
‘Jing’ is the Chinese word for ‘essence’ - specifically kidney essence. In the ancient Taoist tradition, fatigue, weakness and hormonal imbalance, were all considered a result of Jing depletion. By learning to nourish Jing we begin to stop any “leaking” of this energy, and therefore cease to be in states of exhaustion and restore this energy so that our body can grow deep roots of health to grow upon. When the Jing is strong and being used sustainably we experience healthy hormones, less stress, a rocking libido and strong bones, back, hips and knees. Mason covers the primary herbs and practices needed to ensure healthy levels of Jing in the body, this is our first step to ensuring a nice long, healthy life is experienced. 


In this podcast you will learn:

  • The key principles to stop leaking Jing and start accumulating it
  • What is Jing and why does it live in the kidneys
  • Why Jing is the key to great digestive fire
  • How to get away from being exhausted and start building energy in your organs
  • How stress leaks your life essence
  • Why weak knees, hips and lower back are a sign of deficient Jing
  • How Kidney health determines the capacity of ALL your vital organs
  • The keys to ensuring your libido is rocking
  • The best herbs to build back your core Jing energy and how to take them
  • Why the JING blend is a key for long term energy


What is Jing and How To Cultivate It

30 Days of JING Challenge

JING tonic recipe

JING blend

Deer antler velvet

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