Schizandra Farm - SuperFeast At The Source in China

by Dan Sipple March 18, 2019 2 mins read


Check out the vision below to see why your schizandra berry is so potent, as Mason (SuperFeast founder) visits our Schizandra orchard.


Back in the day, we used to source fully-wild schizandra until we received the wisdom from our farmers that fully wild schiz and harvesting it all year around (you guys love guzzling the schiz ;P), is no longer viable... so with our Earth First mindset and our commitment to the longevity of both our health and the earth we had to follow this wisdom based off hundreds of years of traditional experience. That is why our Schizandra berry is now semi-wild, with regeneration and long-term sustainability in mind. You can be assured, that this mindset is present with the sourcing of all of our tonic herbs - Mason, founder of SuperFeast is in constant communication with our small-batch farmers, getting their feedback on the lay of the land, the longevity of the harvesting and what is best for the herbs longevity.


See Mason below at our semi-wild crafted schizandra orchard: note the rugged and wild landscape. There's companion planting and a flourishing, diverse eco-system. This is as close to fully wild as you can get! See Mason below, as he explains why organic isn’t good enough and why we source Di Tao Schizandra. We will never lower our sourcing standards.


This is as close as you can get to eating the wild herb! No pesticides, no “organic” fertilisers, just techniques that are HUNDREDS of years old to grow the most amazingly adaptogenic schizandra among a living ecosystem and diverse soil. 

Our fave little schiz-berry works wonders for the skin, hormones, vitality, mental acuity, sharpness and feelings of passion by effecting all five of the organ systems. It tones our over-worked liver and helps detoxify years of muck (hello alcohol, drugs, the pill etc). Essentially, you cannot go wrong with schiz.


Mr. Lee is the SuperFeast farmer across 100 acres of pure, unadulterated, wild land in Changbai Mountain region. Schizandra berry is one of our all time favourite herbs, it is one of the main ingredients in our Beauty Blend and we need it to be potent in its effects. That’s why we source it from this particular region and farmer.



We've also got more behind the scenes vision of Mason, live from the schiz farm, tune in here to see.


We love it in a morning Schizandra Detox Lemonade, or simply in hot water for an arvo Qi pick me up. Do you dare to try the 100 Days of Schiz Challenge? Join us :)

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